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WINNER! Frank’s Christmas Competition

We closed the books on entries for the ‘Make & Do’ competition at 11:37pm last night.

We had some bazzin’ entries and people seemed to have had fun pushing themselves creatively. Thank you to everyone that entered, we hope it has enhanced your Christmas as much as it has ours!

However, there can be only one winner....Mr. Neil Donoghue, aged 49 from Leicester.

Neil’s work is stunning. It’s hard to believe you are looking at a 1:6th scale diorama. The miniature detailing is fantastic!

We asked Neil about his Frank fandom and how he created the diorama:

I can’t remember where I first saw Frank, but it was probably on the quiz show ‘Remote Control’ at the beginning of the nineties and he would also pop up on kids’ TV around that time too. A friend had been into him for a few years and lent me the vinyl records and it snowballed from there.

We would go to Reading Festival in the first half of the nineties and would see him there (got his autograph), and also saw him in Leicester.

A few years ago a conversation started on Facebook about how you would go about making a Frank head and I decided to have a go at doing a papier-mâché one.

I’ve always built and made things since I was a kid and now work as a woodwork instructor at De Montfort University, the place where I saw Frank perform in Leicester.

After the full size head I made ‘little frank’ for the Manchester Marathon, where I stood at the Timperley Statue.

One birthday, my brother in law bought me a reissue Action Man, and I had the idea of making him into Tiny Frank. Then my attention turned to ‘Elvis’ Frank and ‘ Freddie Mercury’ Frank and I searched for suitable outfits on eBay. This then expanded into thinking about where they could hang out, so I started building the shed.

It was built like a full size shed, with a frame first then attaching the overlapping miniature planks.

The shed contents came from different places, some of it Action Man accessories, some made from scratch, and some found online by searching for dolls’ house accessories or finding tiny toys on key rings which would be the correct scale for Frank.

I host a ‘Subbuteo’ Tournament every year, which since Chris’s death, has borne Frank’s name.

Neil wins this ace & top ‘11:37’ Christmas hamper for his efforts….Merry Thingy!


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