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About 11:37 Enterprises

11:37 Sievey Enterprises is the ‘official’ website for all things Frank Sidebottom and Chris Sievey-related, maintained by the Sievey Estate.

This is the place for the latest information on our official products, upcoming events, online sales and recommended links for further information, trivia and entertainment purposes.

11:37 Sievey Enterprises was set up by eldest son, Stirling Sievey and daughter, Asher Horsefield (nee Sievey).

Both Stirling and Asher were part of the Sidebottom universe, taking on the roles of Frank’s next door neighbours ‘Roger (the boy next door) and ’Sarah Gregory.’

Frank and Roger 'The Boy Next Door' Gregory enjoy 10p ice lollies. November 1985.

Frank and Roger Gregory enjoy 10 pence ice lollies. November, 1985.

'Sarah Gregory', Little Frank and Big Frank hold a sign saying "My pals from Oink! don't smoke - Join 'em!"

Sarah Gregory, Little Frank and Big Frank campaign against smoking. January, 1988.

11:37 Mission Statement

In accordance with Chris Sievey’s own wishes before his untimely death, we pledge to preserve his legacy by producing high-quality, authentic ‘official’ merchandise that is made with love, integrity and attention to detail.

The archive is now preserved forever in the Archives+ vault in Manchester, held under temperature-controlled conditions. We can’t thank them enough for giving Chris’s work the cultural provenance he deserves.

We have hardly scratched the surface with the breadth of material within the archive and as long as there is support and demand for Sidebottom/Sievey-related merchandise, we will strive to meet that demand over the coming years.

“11:37” as a company, was set up by Chris in 1985... the P.O. box is sadly now obsolete but the company lives on!

Best Regards,

The Sievey Estate.

Scrap of newsprint from the Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom archive: "11:37? I get a lot of letters from people asking me what 11:37 is... as it pops up from time to time. Well... it's a local Timperley company which I thought up the name for them... as that was the time when I was asked. They did help me in my early show-biz days of 1985, by releasing a stereo cassette o mine, and doing an interview with one of the Freshies for 'Virgin'"
A scrap of paper from the Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom archives showing the 11:37 logo and the address PO Box 11, Altrincham WA15 6UN UK

These days, existing original Sidebottom/Sievey art and memorabilia is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive (Hey, if you have something, we would love to see it!) 

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for fans to own affordable and desirable products, some of which will hopefully become collectable in their own right.

Chris has left us with an amazing body of work, which we are using as source material for all our products. Every image, piece of written material or any audio track we use, was originally created by Chris Sievey.

Cartoon depicting "Frank's Army"

Left to right: Mr.Lake (the greengrocer), Little Frank, Tommy the Milkman, Roger the Boy Next Door and Sidie

Jim Cardboard

If 11:37 was Frank’s Army, then ‘Sergeant-at-Arms’ would certainly have been ‘Jim Cardboard’, a life-long Sidebottom obsessive, product design guru and enabler (of puppets).

Jim dipped a toe into Frank’s world in the late 80s, spending many nights attending concerts up and down the country, laughing his cardboard socks off.

Amongst his most recent achievements he lists creating single wall cardboard signage for the ‘Bobbins’ exhibition and helping to mastermind the corrugated cardboard red carpet for the ‘Being Frank’ film premiere at HOME, Manchester.

Jim’s experience in screen-printing and e-commerce, his keen eye, attention to detail and enthusiasm make him an invaluable asset to Frank’s Army.

Jim Cardboard, boozy night out in Wales, circa 1991

Frank Sidebottom and D.A., dressed as Virgil Tracy and Captain Scarlet

In the background, peeling potatoes in the mess kitchen, would have been ‘Corporal Dogsbody D.A.’


Over a number of years, D.A. gained Chris’s trust and elements of the ‘ideology’ behind Sidebottom were passed on. First-hand experience of the inner workings of Frank’s head was attained.

From 2005 until Chris/Frank’s death in 2010, he was Frank’s roadie/driver/road manager and ’Oh Blimey Big Band’ member...a close associate, not to mention a Frank and Freshies super-nerd for over 30 years.

‘Dogsbody D.A.’ voluntarily worked on the statue fundraising project, co-curated the ‘Bobbins Exhibition’ in spring 2019, and acted as consultant and art director on the ‘Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story’ documentary.

Frank as ‘Virgil Tracy’ and D.A. as ‘Captain Scarlet’, Gerry Anderson night, LMCRA Club, Timperley, April, 2009.


‘Rebecca the Webmistress’ is 11:37’s Communications Officer. She first became acquainted with Frank Sidebottom in 1996, when she failed to find a summer job in London and washed up on Wigan Pier.


A naïve university student from Texas, Dogsbody D.A. and the go-go dancer took her in and played plenty of Frank records at her. Frank immediately appealed to her appetite for papier-mache and eccentric Saturday morning TV presenters.


The fix was in when she took a trip to Blackpool and the words “I meself prefer whelks” were indelibly stamped on her brain.


Today, Rebecca manages this website long-distance from Dallas, Texas.

Rebecca calling tech support with her briefcase telephone.

11:37 Roll Call

A list of those who stepped up, going above and beyond with services rendered and are therefore notable in some specified way. We salute you!

Martin Sievey, Paula Sievey, Steve Sullivan, Karin Diamond, Rebecca Nolen, Richard Nolen, Suzi Zaccagni, Simon Zaccagni, Sean Shea, Russ the Webmaster, Johnny Moffat, Neil Taylor, Larysa Bolton, Iain Lee, Rick Sarko, Barry Spencer, Mike the Manager, Paul Taylor, Patrick Gallagher, Max Quirk, Persefani Salter, Paul Guided-Missile, Rhodri Marsden, Dicky Moore, Rob Clarke, Jamie Owen, Jailbird, Mark Radcliffe, Maxine Peake, Mike Joyce, John Robb, Jon Ronson, Jason Barker, Paul Dolman, Tricky, Martin Green, Steve Mingle, Martin with the bobbins hair, Dave Matthews, Alan Woods, Les Dale, Joe Greatorex, CP Lee and Pam Lee.

“….Thank You”

Frank Sidebottom cartoon saying "Thank you!"
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