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The year 2020 has been absolutely bobbins! Accepting the ‘new normal’ of postponement and cancellation has not been easy for anybody. Here at 11:37 we are no different. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, the collaborations with other companies that were scheduled for Xmas release are delayed until the New Year.

However, we can still offer you some Xmas cheer with the release of our own festive swag! Up for pre-order right now are both our ‘Festive Loungewear’ and ‘Xmas Stocking/Badge Sets’.

Fingers crossed, we will also have another low cost Xmas item plus re-stocks of a couple of our popular ‘sold out’ products.

With the entire world more reliant than ever on internet shopping, the word on the ‘cul-de-sac’ is that Xmas starts early this avoid disappointment, get your orders in so that we can produce the goodies, fulfill the orders and get them shipped out to you to wrap up and put under the tree!

As Frank would say...In 1000 years they will look back in the history books to 2020 and say “Didn’t that happen 1000 years ago?”


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