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Oh Blimey...It's (nearly) Christmas!

We have had lots of inquiries about the delayed '10th Anniversary' busts. We are now happy to tell you that we are getting very close to being able to put them up for pre-sale at our 11:37 online shop...just in time for Xmas. So watch out for that announcement!

These items are without doubt the most ambitious merch we have ever produced and will be strictly limited to no more than 50 pieces (each numbered)

The bust was originally commissioned in summer 2020 to mark the 10th anniversary of Frank/Chris’s death and is based on the ‘cartoon’ version of Frank. It’s an ace and top 3D interpretation of a 2D image! Hand-made in every aspect here in the UK and cast in best quality, solid polyurethane resin, these busts are equivalent in weight to a small bag of potatoes!


*Price is still TBC.

*The bust is both heavy and fragile. Therefore, we cannot combine postage with any other items purchased. To ensure the safest possible journey, they will be shipped as a ‘stand alone’ item with our specified and trusted courier service, Fed-Ex.

*To remove the risk of any damage in transit, for those who can attend, we are organising a 'collection/pick-up' event. Venue will be the Artisan Bar at Withnell’s Brewery in Chorley (date TBC) It will be a combined launch party for the bust, an opportunity to meet Stirling Sievey, sample the Sidebottom beers and pick up any other 11:37 merch you might wish to save postage on.

*Due to the high cost of shipping and prohibitive Brexit restrictions, we cannot ship this item overseas.


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