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Telephone Line: Monologues and Messages (Xmas Edition)

At 11:37am yesterday, the launch of the ‘11:37 Chrimbo Catalogue 2019’ was announced. A ‘stand out’ item in the catalogue is the Telephone Line vinyl release.

Evidently, after only a few hours of pre-sales, the Xmas Edition is destined to sell out. If you want a copy for yourself or want to give one as a Chrimbo pressie, then to avoid disappointment it’s suggested that you pre-order from our shop at your soonest convenience.

Let’s look at Telephone Line in a bit more depth.

What is it? This is the first exclusively ‘Frank Sidebottom’ vinyl release in more than 25 years. We are politely discounting the ‘Being Frank’ soundtrack of that accolade because that release comprised mainly of ‘Chris Sievey’ material, with just a smattering of Sidebottom. (It is highly recommended if you haven’t got a copy!)

Telephone Line is a SPOKEN WORD recording compiled from original answerphone tapes dating back to between 1989 and 1991 (rough estimated dates).

Previously unreleased , it’s an engaging and enthralling mix of stories, sketches, fan messages and the odd musical interlude, showcasing Frank  (...and Little Frank) at his very, very best.

We should mention a slight parental guidance warning as a couple of the fan messages could be deemed unsuitable for children.

Due to the source of the material (30 year old cassettes) the audio fidelity may be regarded as “a bit bobbins” in a couple of places.  During the digitisation/mastering process, every effort has been made to enhance the quality. We are sure you will agree that the brilliance of the content more than makes up for any temporary dips in audio quality.

Two versions? The standard version is available on pre-sale on black vinyl with a full colour CMYK sleeve. Buy it here. Audio content is identical to the Xmas edition.

Seeing as Christmas is fast approaching, we decided to offer for pre-sale a Xmas Edition on coloured vinyl with some exclusive bonus goodies.

The Xmas edition will be strictly limited to 100 copies on a mystery vinyl colour, will never be re-pressed and the bonus goodies will not be sold separately.

Audio content is identical to the standard version.

 This version boasts:

  • Fantastic, alternative ‘Merry Thingy’ cover, consisting of 4 colours, including a festive metallic gold. Screen-printed by hand.

  • Banjo art print suitable for framing.  Red ink on 250gsm fluorescent green cardstock, screen-printed by hand. Embossed with the 11:37 logo in the corner. Print size 297mm x 297mm.

  • Frank’s Fantastic Yuletide Tattoos. A5-sized temporary tattoo sheet. Please note the actual tattoo images are reversed so you can stick them on.  Hold up to the window and look from behind to see them the right way round!

When will I get my record? As soon as they arrive from the pressing plant! We expect to be shipping these out week commencing 9th December, 2019.



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