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Hands up, who likes drinking beer?

Withnell’s Brew Co. have collaborated with 11:37 to produce two fantastic beers...and they are available for online purchase right now:

Frank Sidebottom’s Timperley Rhubarb Ale (4% alcohol, 500ml)

Frank Sidebottom’s (not) Bobbins Bitter (4% alcohol, 500ml)

These beverages will be the perfect alcoholic  accompaniment whilst viewing the ‘Online Celebration’ to be broadcast 20:06:20 from 7pm until 11:37pm.

Follow the link to place your orders so you can raise a glass to Frank/Chris on the night!

STOP PRESS! Further fantastic news from Withnell’s Brew Co is the very, very imminent release of a ‘Limited Edition’ Tenth Anniversary Tipple.

Described as “a dark, ruby ale with a hint of dandelion & burdock” this beer is slightly stronger in alcohol content and will come in a tall 750ml bottle. (Limited Edition of 400 bottles only; price to be confirmed.)


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